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Some of the most succulent meat on the lamb is to be found on the rib cuts. All the bone can be daunting though, so if you are picking up your lamb rib at the de Warenmarkt store, Wynand or Pieter will debone it for you with pleasure. They can also score the skin.



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There are still a few cool days in the offing for the end of autumn, so a delicious, rich bredie is just the thing for them. Our certified Karoo lamb ribs are perfect for this fabulous dish developed for us by cooking author and food product developer Camilla Comins.


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Soutribbetjie is a traditional Karoo dish that involves salting the whole lamb rib and air-drying it in the dry desert air for up to 4 days. The end result is a delicious, crispy lamb rib treat that you want to eat straight off the fire.


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Fillet is not always the tastiest cut of the animal, but it's certainly the most tender for steak. It is also the easiest to work with. Serving a whole fillet for a dinner or party and much easier than you might expect - and it's really impressive. If you are entertaining this weekend, pop into Ryan Boon at de Warenmarkt and pick up a fillet for this easy, yet show-stopping recipe.


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If you’re going to celebrate Heritage Day with a braai, you should think about cooking lamb chops. Our certified Karoo Lamb chops speak to the heritage of farming completely uniquely flavoured South African livestock. We joke about a ‘tjop en ‘n dop’, but for many South Africans, that’s an iconic meal. You may as well serve an iconic Karoo Lamb while you’re at it.


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There is nothing that says ‘home’ and ‘family’ to us like a Sunday Roast. If you offer us the choice of roast, we’ll say “Leg of lamb!” every time. It’s such a nostalgic, feel-good meal for us, but it has to be real Karoo lamb.


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