02 Feb 2016

It’s only fitting that Leon Jansen van Vuuren, manager at Ryan Boon, hails from a Free State farming background. Chances are, he’s the guy behind the counter that you’ll be asking about your prime rib or wagyu beef at De Warenmarkt.

Leon web

The best part of your job? 
“There are two aspects. One, is the satisfaction of working with a carcass and getting a great final product out of it. The second is the people. We build relationships with customers, and meet interesting characters. There’s an attention to detail at Ryan Boon that you don’t everywhere. There’s real love involved.”

What cut of meat do you think is generally underestimated? 
“Rump Steak. It’s generally assumed to be tough, but it’s actually one of the most tender. And our rump steak, dry-aged, brings out all the flavour. I prefer it to fillet!”

Your ideal meal? 
“If I could braai breakfast, lunch and supper, I would!” He laughs, and thinks for another moment. “Oxtail potjie. It’s always delicious, yet never the same as the last time.” His voice trails off. “Ja. A good oxtail potjie”.